SandWeb 1.0RC4

New users must first log in to SandWeb, using SandWeb's own FlatFile authentication method :

Next, some simple per-user configuration settings.

Clicking "repository" on the menu bar allows a new repository to be registered with SandWeb.
NOTE: the repository must already exist. SandWeb cannot currently create new repositories.

After entering our information and pressing "Go", SandWeb confirms that it has saved our information.

Clicking on "sandbox" brings us to the sandbox menu, where we can check out new modules ( or update/delete existing checkouts ).

After entering our information, a pop-up window appears with the status of our VCS (Version Control System, such as CVS ) command.

SandWeb automatically refreshes the original page, giving us a link to explore our new repository ( as well as update or delete it ).

Clicking on the module name ( in this case "sandweb" ) brings us to the browse menu. Here, we can either select multiple files to perform actions on, or click on a filename to view it's contents.

Selecting files allows us to perform file or VCS command on a group of files.

Or, we can click on a file to perform file or VCS actions just on this file. This also allows us to view the file, and to download it.

Navigation is possible using the links provided in the "Current location" bar. It's possible to easily navigate even when nested deeply into multiple subdirectories.